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Take Home Whitening

Do you want a whiter, brighter smile?

Whiter teeth and improved enamel...Philips ZOOM new formula has it all!

In our clinic you will get:

  • In-depth consultation for Philips ZOOM home whitening + what treatment is right for you!
  • Comprehensive dental checkup
  • Gum condition evaluation (test for gum disease)
  • Immediate custom trays for treatment
  • Take-home whitening gel

Philips Zoom DayWhite and NiteWhite



 Managing Sensitivity

Zoom Relief Gel

All Zoom whitening gels contain ACP (Amorphous Calcium
Phosphate) to help reduce sensitivity, protect enamel and improve
lustre. Relief ACP gel can be used immediately before or after
treatment to combat any additional sensitivity.

 *Twice as many patients reported no sensitivity 

when using NiteWhite with ACP versus whitening
without ACP



Our dentist will help you decide which treatment and
potency is right for you based on your lifestyle, whitening
expectation and sensitivity levels


For those who like the convenience of whitening while
they sleep

Shade results: Optimal results within 1 week
Wear time: Overnight or minimum of 4-6 hours


For patients who like to whiten for a shorter period of
time during the day.
Shade results: Optimal results within 2 weeks
Wear time: 30 minutes twice daily

Maintaining Whitening Results

Whitening is just the first step. 

Here are some suggestions to help maximise whitening results:

• Brush with a power toothbrush.
• Avoid use of tobacco products
• Reduce consumption of tea, coffee and soft drinks
• Use a whitening toothpaste
• Continue with regular dental appointments