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We Are Still Open

We are delighted to announce that both of our clinics are still open for existing and new patients in need of dental implant treatment.

It has been a challenging and difficult time for everyone and we know that there are many patients in need of urgent dental care and resuming their treatment and we are now taking bookings for such patients as the priority, and indeed any interested patients. 

The safety of our patients and staff remains our absolute priority and we are providing our services with more time in between each patient, while also following strict safety precautions, which you can read about below. 

Important Safety Changes

The safety of our patients and staff remains our absolute priority.

Please read the below safety information carefully before your appointment and make sure to follow all the guidelines on the day of your appointment in the interest of your own health, and the health of all our patients and staff.

Visiting Our Clinic

Our internal waiting area is currently closed in order to maintain social distancing within the clinic premises. Upon visiting our clinic, please call us to let us know about your arrival once you are outside. You will be asked to kindly remain outside until the nurse calls you in for your appointment. At which point, you will be brought straight into the surgery room. 

Your Health & Risk Assessment

Our team must ask you a series of questions regarding your own health and any experiences you have had or may have had in relation to Covid-19 before we can book you in. These risk assessment questions are to determine if any additional precautions need to be made to ensure your safety and well-being during your visit to our clinic.

Hand Sanitisers

Our practices will be equipped with hand sanitising stations that are free to use. You are invited to use them before and after your appointment. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

To ensure the safety of our patients and our dental team, and to comply with the guidelines set out by Public Health England, we have purchased additional PPE equipment including masks, gowns, visors, goggles and disinfectants etc. for use as needed by our team during their work. 

Longer Appointments and Gaps Between Patients

To properly carry out the additional safety measures put in place, additional time will be allocated to each patient before, during and after appointments so that all the additional safety and cleaning processes can be carried out properly. We ask our patients to kindly be patient if for some reason there are delays due to the necessity to be completely thorough with these processes, as some dental appointments may run over the allocated time. 

Surgical Safety Measures

During surgical appointments, we will insert a rubber sheet inside your mouth to cover areas that will not be operated on. This way we will reduce additional aerosol generated during your procedure, in order to provide additional caution. 

Surface Disinfection

Although our clinics are always very sterile environments with the highest standards of infection control and decontamination procedures in place, we will take additional time and undertake additional cleaning procedures and disinfection before and after every appointment for the foreseeable future. Our team will take additional time to thoroughly disinfect all the surfaces at our surgeries to ensure the safety of all patients and staff. We use effective anti-bacterial solutions to clean and disinfect the surfaces.

Social Distancing and Payment

To ensure that we are following social distancing requirements, our reception at the clinic and the internal waiting area remains temporarily closed. Our customer service coordinators will be available by email and phone to help you with any questions regarding appointments, the treatment process and finances before, during and after your clinic visit. This means that payments for appointments must be made by card payment or bank transfer with our office staff ahead of booking your appointment. 

Video Consultations

If you would like to talk to our dental surgeons virtually, you can request a video consultation by filling in the form here – Video Consultations.

Existing Patients

Man Sitting at a Laptop

We are happy to welcome you to our dental implant clinics to resume your treatment appointments.

However, we kindly ask for your understanding and patience as we are working with a limited number of staff and taking more time before, during and after appointments to ensure that all additional safety measures are properly followed.

In order to secure an appointment booking, we are kindly asking for patients to make the payment due at the appointment prior to the visit. This will guarantee you one of our limited appointment slots and also remove the need for in-person contact at our clinic reception.

Use the contact details below to get in touch with our team to discuss your treatment bookings or to ask any questions you might have regarding your treatment at our clinics. 

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Updated: 21st of January

Dear patients,

Everyone of us has had to give up something due to the Covid-19 global pandemic. Even such little things such as getting a haircut, lifting weights at the gym and other beauty and self-care activities are currently unavailable understandably. However, this is not the case for medical appointments.

According to the latest government guidelines, medical appointments – including visits to dental practices - are one of the few reasons you can leave your house, so we are encouraging everyone in need of dental treatment to book an appointment with us and not let your dental health suffer.


• Upon booking an appointment with us, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from our team.
• You can then use this e-mail confirmation of your appointment as proof of why you are outside, if needed.


• Our staff are equipped with additional PPE gear, to ensure as safe treatment procedures as possible.
• We have longer gaps between appointments to thoroughly clean and disinfect surgeries.
• We do a Covid-19 screening of each visiting patient before their appointment.
• Our waiting area is closed to ensure social distancing measures.
• Patients are asked to come only a few minutes prior to their appointment.
• We only let patients in the clinic as the appointment is about to begin.

We look forward to welcoming you to our clinics,
Stay safe and healthy.