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Covid-19 Clinical Testing Kit - Delivered to you

  • While our regular clinic services have been put on hold during this pandemic, we are currently in a position to use our own internal resources and external medical contacts to help provide additional testing capacity for the Covid-19 coronavirus in partnership with our laboratory contacts. 

    We believe in the importance of testing and that is why we have decided to use our contacts to provide access to more tests.

  • Our clinical testing kits are only aimed as an alternative test option for people who do not meet the current criteria for NHS tests; those with mild symptoms or those who are concerned they may have contracted the coronavirus and would like to access a test privately to get some certainty on their situation.

    It is not meant for anyone who feels they need urgent or emergency medical assistance. 

Ordering a Covid-19 Testing Kit

Order your Covid-19 home testing kit, by following the instructions below:

  1. Please fill in the form on this page with your contact and payment details.
  2. A member of our team will contact you to confirm your details and consent to proceed.
  3. Once registration is complete, we will organise for your test kit to be sent out to you.
  4. After you do the test, it is sent off to the laboratory and we aim to get your result back to you within the following THREE business days. 


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  • Price: £150 

  • Included in the price:


  • 1. Swab test kit

  • 2. Safe delivery of test kit to your home

  • 3. Collection of test kit after test conducted

  • 4. Laboratory testing fee and results

  • 5. Patient registration and support

The Order Process

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1. Register for the test online on this page.

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2. We will deliver your test kit safely to you and collect it when the test is conducted.

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3. We then send your swab off to our partner laboratory for testing.

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4. We aim to send you your result privately and securely within three business days of the day you order.

What’s included in our Covid-19 home test kit?

Our test kit will be delivered to you and requires for you to test yourself at home by collecting a swab from your throat and nose which is sent back to our laboratory to be processed. The test kit includes:

  1. A sterile PCR swab
  2. Instructions how to perform the swab at home by yourself

A member of our team will be available to assist you with the process by phone at the time of testing on +442038689282

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  • Who is this test for?

  • This test kit is for individuals with mild symptoms of the coronavirus; those who do not meet the NHS testing criteria; and individuals, companies or organisations who wish to do precautionary tests. 

  • Can anyone test?

  • Please note that this home test is certainly not recommended for: 
    -   people who have acute or severe symptoms of the coronavirus
    -   people who require urgent medical assistance or emergency care

If you have any doubt about the severity of your symptoms, if feel you need urgent medical assistance or if feel you are an emergency case, we must insist you contact the NHS or emergency services immediately and recommend you do not use a home test kit such as this with results that take several days to process.

If you are unsure about the severity of your symptoms, we recommend you first consult the NHS 111 by phone or using the online diagnostic service here:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the delivery and collection process?

Once we have received all necessary details from you, we will deliver a home swab kit to your provided address. 

When you have completed the test, our courier will safely collect it and it will be delivered to our laboratory for testing. We aim to have your results for you within 3 business days from the day your order is processed.

How will I know how to use the test?

Your testing kit includes easy to follow instructions and we will also send these to you via email ahead of delivery. However, if at any point you would like further help, a member of our team can also assist you by phone at +442038689282 or via video on Skype if necessary. 

How is the test conducted?

Your test kit includes a sterile swab which you will need to open and use to swab the inside of your mouth and nostrils. As this coronavirus would be present in the lining of the nose and mouth, no blood is required for testing. You then seal it securely and label the packaging provided.

Do I see results myself in the test kit?

No. We send the sample you take at home to a laboratory for testing. Swab tests analysed at laboratories are the most accurate way of testing for the presence of the Covid -19 coronavirus at present.

How are the results sent back to me?

Your results will be sent back in an encrypted email format with a password provided separately that you will need to use to unlock and view the results. 

How long does the whole process take?

Our aim is to complete whole process – delivery and collection of the kit, laboratory testing and sending results – within 3 business days. That is 3 business days from the moment we have received all necessary information to start the process. However, please note, if we are experiencing high demand or if there are delays with postage, this may change.  

What laboratories are being used for testing?

Having been in operation as a group for more than 10 years, we have developed a network of medical contacts in the UK and across the European Union. 

We are currently using our contacts to provide additional testing capacity in the London area from laboratories in the UK that are currently not testing for the NHS. The labs we partner with all adhere to British and international recognised standards such as ISO 15189.

By using such labs, we are able to provide additional testing capacity to what is available publicly in the UK, while not taking away capacity that is being used for the NHS.

What certifications do these laboratories have?

Our laboratory partners are UK and internationally certified laboratories and adhere to the internationally recognised standard in laboratory quality management, ISO 15189. They also participate in many international external quality control programmes.

How accurate is the test?

Laboratory tests are the most accurate way of testing for the presence of the Covid-19 coronavirus. Our laboratory's validations show a 99% sensitivity accuracy and 100% specificity accuracy, provided they are used correctly. 

Who can order this test?

This test can be ordered by anyone over the age of 18 living within the M25 area.

If you live outside the M25 area, please send a special request via email or phone to us and we will see if we will be able to assist you. 

Do I need a test?

The Covid-19 coronavirus is asymptomatic in some patients; meaning that the virus may be present, but the patient has no physical or visible symptoms of it. Even asymptomatic patients spread the virus to others, who may in turn develop worse or even severe symptoms. Therefore, if you believe there is a chance you may have contracted the virus, testing can provide you with the answer for your peace of mind.

What should I do if my test is positive?

If your test is positive, you must self isolate and follow the NHS advice.

In fact, even before testing, if you suspect that you have the Coronavirus, you should self isolate anyway and follow the NHS advice (even before ordering a test or waiting for results). 

What should I do if my symptoms worsen during this process?

If your symptoms worsen while you are waiting for results, it is still very important that you contact your GP or the NHS 111 to seek urgent medical advice about the severity of your case. 

Why does the test cost £150?

We understand that this is not cheap and we are hoping to bring the cost down. However, at the moment, this is the lowest price that we can offer for this test in order to cover all costs which include: the purchase of testing kits, the services of our courier partner, express safe medical delivery, laboratory testing and our own staff (processing orders and assisting patients).

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