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Dental implants and cosmetic dentistry in London at affordable prices - Dental Art Implant Clinics

We operate implants-focused dental clinics, in both East Finchley and Swiss Cottage, London, providing quality dental implant treatment - at an affordable price. Our focus on dental implant treatment means that our expert dental team are restoring teeth through dental implant treatment on a daily basis at our London practices. It also means that through the volume of implant work we do, we can provide our patients with very competitive prices in comparison to the average UK prices for dental implant treatment.

Our highly skilled and experienced team of Dental Surgeons have over 100 years' experience between them, placing over 30,000 dental implants during this time, and enjoy an above average implant success rate of over 98%.

We are delighted to offer anyone interested in dental implant treatment free consultations with full diagnostic tests completely free of charge - not just the consultation.

Dr. Hilary Jones


What do you get for FREE with our consultation offer?

Full dental check-up & implant consultation (usual value £100)
Full mouth panoramic X-Ray (usual value £75)
3D CT Scan if required (usual value £100 per jaw)
 Gum condition evaluation & bite analysis
Detailed treatment plan provided, outlining the duration and costs of treatment specific to your case


Dental Art Surgery Dental Art Implant Clinic Free Consultation at Dental Art


Company News and Dental Implant information:

Rubbing Teeth Together: What Are The Consequences Of Teeth Grinding?

The muscles used for chewing food are considered to be the strongest muscles in the human body, along with the calf muscles. When such muscle strength is used inappropriately, it can actually cause serious damage to teeth. For example, people who are highly emotional or easily agitated quite often have the instinct to squeeze their teeth together resulting in a lot of pressure being placed on the teeth. Why is this dangerous?

Say “Yes” To A White Smile!

“Whitening is bad for your teeth!” – this statement is occasionally made when discussing teeth whitening, but is there any truth in it?

Our dental team believe that teeth whitening is not harmful for healthy teeth, although it should be noted that to have the most positive and long-lasting results, proper planning is essential, as is following expert advice

Smoking VS Vaping: What Is Safer For Oral Health?

In recent years, the use of electronic cigarettes has gained increasing popularity. Long term smokers have been switching to electronic cigarettes in increasing numbers but they are also being taken up by non-smokers, who are beginning to use these stylish and modern new devices.

Indeed, the electronic cigarette has become part of an image for many individuals, much like the way that wearing glasses without dioptres did when they were released first, portraying a more stylish look. It is believed that electronic cigarettes are safer than traditional cigarettes, but is this true? And can they be considered as a good alternative when considering the health of teeth and the oral cavity?

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"I’m really happy with all the work done so far... would recommend to anyone."... [more]

Chris Snell, November 2016


"I had a sinus lift and bone graft under sedation, this clinic is amazing. Thank you!"... [more]

Allison Grayson, November 2016


"This company is fantastic and transformed my life. It was all done in stages; pay as you go so it was affordable and we made it into a trip so it wasn't stressful at all. I highly recommend them"... [more]

Lois Rose Longstaffe, September 2016


"The clinic is immaculately clean, the staff are all charming and very professional and the prices are reasonable even taking travel costs and time into account"... [more]

Michele Beesley, December 2015