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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening options at Dental Art Implant ClinicsWhat Is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth Whitening treatment is used to reduce teeth discolouration and to remove stains, therefore lightening a patient’s teeth. Today, teeth whitening is considered one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments in the world. Many choose this treatment to improve the brightness and the look of their teeth.

Why Should I Get My Teeth Whitened?

If you regularly use tobacco or drink dark-coloured drinks such as coffee, tea, wine or cola, and you have noticed that your teeth have changed colour overtime, then teeth whitening treatment could be the best option for you to get that bright white smile.

What Type Of Teeth Whitening Do You Offer?

At Dental Art Implant Clinics we offer our patients Philips Zoom Take Home Whitening and Internal Teeth Whitening.

How Can I Maintain Whitening Results After Treatment?

To maintain the whitening result for the longest possible time, you should:
• Use power toothbrush for brushing teeth
• Reduce or completely stop using tobacco products
• Drink less tea, coffee and soft drinks
• Consider switching to a toothpaste with a whitening effect

What Is Philips Zoom Whitening?

Philips Zoom whitening at Dental Art Implant Clinics

Philips Zoom Whitening is a tooth whitening option that allows you to whiten teeth at your own convenience. At our clinics, we offer both NiteWhite and DayWhite Philips Zoom Whitening options. Our expert dental team will take an impression of your teeth and will create a suitable Whitening Tray (a removable fixture similar to a retainer) which you will wear to whiten your teeth.

NiteWhite – Whiten your teeth while being asleep. By wearing the whitening tray overnight for a minimum of 4 to 6 hours, optimal results can be seen after 1 week.

DayWhite - Whiten your teeth for short periods of time during the day. If worn for 30 minutes twice a day, you will see results within 2 weeks’ time.

How Can I Manage the Sensitivity of Philips Zoom Whitening?

Sensitivity to teeth can be managed by using Zoom Relief Gel. All of Zoom Whitening Gels contain ACP (Amorphous Calcium Phosphate) that helps reduce sensitivity as well as protects enamel and improves lustre. You can apply ACP gel right before or after treatment to reduce any additional sensitivity.

We would like to point out that twice as many patients described feeling no sensitivity NiteWhite with ACP in comparison to whitening without ACP.

Philips Zoom Whitening At Dental Art Clinics

In addition to receiving Philip Zoom Whitening at Dental Art Clinics, you will also receive:

  • Detailed consultation for Philips ZOOM home whitening
  • Most suitable treatment option recommendation
  • Full dental check-up
  • Gum health condition evaluation (test for gum disease)
  • Immediate custom trays for treatment
  • Take-home whitening gel

Internal Tooth Whitening at Dental Art Implant ClinicsWhat Is Internal Tooth Whitening?

Internal tooth whitening is a tooth whitening method that uses a special whitening paste which is inserted inside the tooth. This method is usually used in cases where a tooth has begun discolouring due to an incorrect root canal treatment.

What Is The Internal Tooth Whitening Procedure?

  1. First, our doctors will perform root canal treatment to renew the root canal in a proper way. Incorrect root canal treatment is the cause of tooth discolouring.
  2. Second, a special safe sodium perborate paste is inserted into the interior of the tooth. Materials that are within the paste will start to react to the stains and will start to dissolve their particles. This will make the tooth become whiter.
  3. Finally, the tooth will be sealed to prevent further damage.

Is Internal Teeth Whitening Better Than Other Methods Of Teeth Whitening?

Unlike other tooth whitening treatment methods, internal tooth whitening works on the inside of the tooth. In instances where discolouration has been caused by an infection or damage to the teeth, other tooth whitening methods won’t work so well as they only work on the surface of the teeth.

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