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Professional Consultation and Full Diagnostics for Dental Implant Procedures!

At Dental Art Implant Clinics offer full diagnostics with a professional consultation for dental implant treatment!

You get for FREE

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Full dental check-up & implant consultation (value £100)

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Full mouth panoramic X-Ray (value £75)

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3D CT Scan if required (value £140 per jaw)

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Gum condition evaluation

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Bite analysis

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Detailed treatment plan provided, duration and costs of treatment

In many cases, only after a panoramic x-ray and/or CT scan is taken, can a implant dentist ensure they have assessed your oral health fully and are providing you with a final, detailed and tailored treatment plan for your specific case. We are delighted to offer these examinations, that can be quite expensive at other locations at a reasonable price. 

Furthermore, you can be sure that our expert implant dentist are providing you with the full picture - a full diagnosis and treatment plan - before you pay anything or commit to starting your treatment with us.

Dr. Hilary Jones

There is no obligation to proceed with treatment!

Everyone's situation is unique, and that means that everyone requires a unique solution. Schedule a consultation today and we will create a treatment plan customised for your needs. It's an excellent opportunity for you to visit one of our clinics, meet our dental team and discuss your treatment options.

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