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Dear patients, 

Everyone of us has had to give up something due to the Covid-19 global pandemic. Things we all took for granted such as getting a haircut, lifting weights at the gym and other beauty and self-care activities were restricted at different points of time. However, this is certainly not the case for medical appointments at present.

Medical appointments – including visits to dental practices - were considered a key reason for leaving your home even during the lockdowns. We are fully open, but we are still taking all Covid prevention and screening measures that we were taking during lockdown. We are encouraging everyone in need of dental treatment to book an appointment with us and not let your dental health suffer.

 Dental Implant Treatment Results

Patient's smile before full mouth restoration with dental implantsPatient's smile after full mouth restoration with dental implants

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Join the hundreds of new patients choosing Dental Art Implant Clinics each month for their dental implant consultations...

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Free consultation, X-ray/CT Scan for just £50

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Dedicated to restoring teeth with implants on a daily basis

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Our Surgeons have placed more than 30,000 implants

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Competitive prices compared to the UK average

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Dental implants and cosmetic dentistry in London at affordable prices

We operate implants-focused dental clinics, in East Finchley & Balham, London, providing quality dental implant treatment - at an affordable price. Our focus on dental implant treatment means that our expert dental team are restoring teeth through dental implant treatment on a daily basis at our London practices. It also means that through the volume of implant work we do, we can provide our patients with very competitive prices in comparison to the average UK prices for dental implant treatment.

Our highly skilled and experienced team of Dental Surgeons have over 100 years' experience between them, placing over 30,000 dental implants during this time, and enjoy an above average implant success rate of over 98%.

We are delighted to offer anyone interested in dental implant treatment consultations with full diagnostic tests - not just the consultation.

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The members of our dental team are active and committed members of the following dental organisations:

Why Dental Implants?

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  • Regain your self-confidence and appearance
  • Look like - and feel like - your natural teeth
  • Preserve your jawbone and facial structure, unlike dentures
  • More secure than dentures - easier to eat and speak
  • Easy to clean - only require the same oral care as natural teeth
  • With the right care, they can last a lifetime
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