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Interview With Dr. Hilary Jones' Celebrity Angels
09 May 2017

Earlier this year our Principal Implant Surgeon, Dr. Sergejs Andrijevskis was asked about the rewards of dental implant treatment in an interview conducted for Dr. Hilary Jones' Celebrity Angels website and his "Live to 100" publication". Read the interview below to find out what our expert had to say about the benefits of dental implants...

5 Interesting Facts About Dental Implants
21 April 2017

Dental Implant treatment has a rich and an interesting history expanding over several centuries. Over the years, dental experts and historians have concluded many interesting facts about dental implants and their treatment. With this in mind, we have selected 5 Interesting Facts about Dental Implants.

Rubbing Teeth Together: What Are The Consequences Of Teeth Grinding?
19 December 2016

The muscles used for chewing food are considered to be the strongest muscles in the human body, along with the calf muscles. When such muscle strength is used inappropriately, it can actually cause serious damage to teeth. For example, people who are highly emotional or easily agitated quite often have the instinct to squeeze their teeth together resulting in a lot of pressure being placed on the teeth. Why is this dangerous?

Say “Yes” To A White Smile!
01 December 2016

“Whitening is bad for your teeth!” – this statement is occasionally made when discussing teeth whitening, but is there any truth in it?

Our dental team believe that teeth whitening is not harmful for healthy teeth, although it should be noted that to have the most positive and long-lasting results, proper planning is essential, as is following expert advice

Smoking VS Vaping: What Is Safer For Oral Health?
07 November 2016

In recent years, the use of electronic cigarettes has gained increasing popularity. Long term smokers have been switching to electronic cigarettes in increasing numbers but they are also being taken up by non-smokers, who are beginning to use these stylish and modern new devices.

Indeed, the electronic cigarette has become part of an image for many individuals, much like the way that wearing glasses without dioptres did when they were released first, portraying a more stylish look. It is believed that electronic cigarettes are safer than traditional cigarettes, but is this true? And can they be considered as a good alternative when considering the health of teeth and the oral cavity?

Recommendations: What To Do Following Dental Surgery
19 October 2016

Tooth extractions, dental implant placement, bone grafting and other surgical procedures performed in the oral cavity can cause some inconvenience for a short period of time. In this article, we would like to offer you some advice in order to make your recovery period more comfortable.

What Happens When A Person Is Without Teeth For A Long Period?
04 October 2016

We don't want to scare, but we would like to inform you about the possible outcomes to the jaw when living without teeth.

Bone, in the area of the jaw where teeth have been lost, naturally shrinks over time. As a result, if a person is without teeth for a long period of time, the face begins to lose its' shape as we show in this short video.

Ensuring Dental Implants Last A Long Time
27 September 2016

Brushing twice a day, using an irrigator several times a week, going for professional dental hygiene every six months – this programme ensures a long-lasting life of implants - and also good general oral health!

If you have just had a new crown or denture fitted to your implants, then probably you have heard everything you need to know about taking care of it from your doctor. But if you are just about to get the procedure, or if you want to refresh your knowledge, it is worth remembering that taking care of implants consists of the following three components.

Why Does A Dental Crown Cost As Much As It Does?
01 September 2016

“It is really expensive! Why does such a tiny crown cost several hundred pounds?!”

We believe that almost everyone who has discussed getting dental prosthetic treatment has asked themselves this question. 

In this article, we will explain what goes on behind the scenes of a dental clinic, the circumstances of prosthetics, how the crown is made and how the associated costs build up.

5 Things To Know Before A Visit To The Dentist
18 August 2016

A visit to the dentist can be a stressful event for many people. Stress is often aggravated by a lack of knowledge what to do and what to avoid before the appointment at the dental clinic. 

We have prepared a few recommendations below for you, in order for your visit to be more comfortable and enjoyable. We know that your dentist will appreciate such preparation!


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