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CCTV Policy

At Dental Art Implant Clinics we use CCTV to ensure the safety of our patients and staff. Read our CCTV policy.

We take our patient and our staff safety very seriously, therfore, we use CCTV at our clinics. Please read the points about our CCTV policy below.
  1. CCTV is in place in the reception areas, surgeries, corridors. 
  2. CCTV has been installed solely for the safety and security of our patients and staff.
  3. Images are recorded 24 hours a day, seven days a week and stored on the hard drives of the recording devices. The recording devices are situated in the reception area under password and only the manager and owners of the practice have access to the recordings. The manager regularly checks that the CCTV devices are working as intended.
  4. The CCTV only records images and does not record audio.
  5. All CCTV recordings are stored on our recording devices’ hard-drives for 30 days before being wiped.
  6. Signs informing visitors that CCTV is in place can be found at can be found at our clinics.
  7. Patients are explicitly made aware of CCTV being in place in the surgeries and can request to it being switched off for the duration of their time in the surgery. We also inform visitors to our website that CCTV will be in operation.
  8. The recording devices have the capability of transferring data to an external drive for cooperation with the relevant authorities. We only ever do this where there is cause to believe the safety and security of patients/staff has been compromised. We do not ever share images with other third parties.
  9. Visitors to the practice have the right to request to see images of themselves on CCTV as part of a Data Protection request. Like all Data Protection requests, this request must be made in writing and the same exceptions apply. We charge an administration fee of £10 for this. We will also require information that will allow us to identify the visitor and the date/time of the visit.
  10. We have followed the CCTV guidelines produced by the Information Commissioners’ Office - ICO.

For further enquires regarding CCTV policy at Dental Art Clinics or if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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