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Guarantee on Materials Used

Alpha-Bio Dental Implants – a lifetime guarantee on materials (dental fixture + abutment) is provided by the manufacturer.

Dentures, crowns and bridges – a three year guarantee on materials is provided.

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Our dental team are very confident in the quality and durability of the materials used for all treatment at our clinic. We are delighted to offer guarantees for all the material we use as a base or part of any dental reconstruction. In the unlikely event that you lose your restoration because of defective materials or broken instruments applied during your treatment, we will replace your restoration free of charge for you. We will not charge you any additional fee for the new materials or for the work performed by the dental technicians. You will still be required to pay for the dentist’s work, however. This guarantee covers dental implants, abutments, crowns and bridges.

If you have any problems or issues that you believe are covered by guarantee, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service coordinators to arrange an appointment at one of our clinics.

Guarantee on Treatment Provided

Dental Implants: Our Implant Dentists guarantee their work for a period of three years.

Dental Crowns & Bridges: Our Dental Team guarantee their work on crowns and bridges for a period of three years.

Partial & Full Dentures: Our Dental Team guarantee their work for a period of two years.

Veneers: Our Dental Team guarantee their work for a period of one year.

Composite Fillings: Our Dental Team guarantee their work for a period of one year.

Root Canal Treatment: Due to the complex nature of root canal treatment and the fact that every person has a unique anatomic make up, there is a high risk of failure. As such, unfortunately no guarantee can be provided for root canal treatment.

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Extent of Guarantee

The guarantee will be reduced or deemed not valid:

If the patient does not visit the clinic for regular check-ups as advised by our dental team.

If the dentist’s instructions are not followed and very good oral hygiene is neglected.

If removable restoration, such as partial dentures or full dentures, are not kept or maintained in the proper manner.

If the gum tissue or tooth bone is naturally reducing.

If there is accidental damage to dentures (e.g. dropped dentures, improper cleaning).

If the patient has an illness that has negative/destructive effects on his/her dental condition (for example; diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis or a health condition from x-rays or chemotherapy).

If the patient does not notify the clinic about their desire to exercise the guarantee and instead goes to another clinic or supplier.

Important note about Dental Implant Guarantee

Our Implant Dentists guarantee their work for a period of three years. However, they cannot be held responsible for failure or problems arising with the implants if regular check-ups have not been attended. If a check-up is not attended within a one-year period of the final treatment appointment, the claim for the guarantee is lost.


Data Protection Notice


The confidentiality of patient information is of paramount importance to us. Therefore we fully comply with Data Protection Legislation & Medical Confidentially Guidelines.

Medical Information

Medical information will be kept confidential. Unless you object, it will only be disclosed to those involved with your treatment and care, including your GP or to their agents. Personal information about you will be shared within the healthcare team, including administrative and other staff that supports the provision of your care.

We respect the wishes of any patient who objects to particular information being shared within the healthcare team or with others providing care, unless disclosure would be justified in the public interest. If you object to a disclosure that we consider essential to the provision of safe care, we either cannot refer you or will otherwise arrange for your treatment without also disclosing that information.

Other Important Information

As part of your initial consultation, we may take a panoramic x-ray in order to determine the exact details of your required treatment. Your panoramic x-ray is kept strictly confidential. If you would like to obtain your x-ray for out of clinic use, you agree to pay the sum of £40. You must write to us giving your consent for us to send your x-ray or any other personal information to another medical professional not affiliated with Dental Art Implant Clinics.

In rare instances, we may be forced to reschedule your appointment or to change our location. In such instances, we will not cover any charges such as travel costs or time away from work.

The clinic will not pay out compensation that exceeds treatment cost.

The clinic will not compensate any of your expenses such as time away from work, food and transport expenses in cases where we have to re-arrange or cancel your guaranteed treatment or treatment that has not yet started.

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